Your Path To Healing Starts Here

Supporting our heroes and gold/white star families to find purpose, healing and growth through community and sacred communion.


Heroic Path to Light provides its members with access to entheogenic sacrament, preparation and integration services and holistic modalities in a sacred container.


At Heroic Path to Light, our mission is not only to help create a world free of suicide, but it is to empower, enlighten and transform the veteran, first responder and the Gold/White Star families through building community, sacred entheogenic ceremonies, preparation and integration services and alternative healing modalities.



Healing starts with spiritual connection. If we don’t have this, we have little to motivate us on our journey. Our retreats support you in cultivating your own personal relationship with Spirit for continued faith, guidance and sense of purpose.


Science-based research shows permanent recovery from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and mTBI through certain holistic therapies. Our retreats facilitate these therapies in beautiful and comfortable environments with safety and security as our #1 priority.


Integration and community is paramount at Heroic. After your retreat, we provide ample 1-to-1 support as well as community meetings to help integrate the lessons learned during your retreat and build daily lifestyle habits to keep you in the flow.

Experience the healing power of entheogenic sacraments in a supportive setting.

Commence on a transformative journey that meets you where you are.

A comprehensive program that provides you the tools for purposeful change


6-Week Preparation Program

The six weeks leading up to the retreat marks the beginning of your supported journey with one-on-one sessions with our Lead Integration Specialist, group preparation calls, guided activities and resources.


5-Day Retreat

Surrounded by community, the retreat is a powerful time for growth. We offer 1-2 entheogenic sacrament ceremonies, breathwork, meditation, integration services and other healing modalities for an optimal experience in a safe container.


14-Week Integration Program

Over the next fourteen weeks you will work to implement the lessons learned during your retreat into your daily life.  This program includes one-on-one and group integration calls, peer-to-peer accountability exercises, short daily practices, and science-backed techniques to help you integrate and move towards wholeness.

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